Purelux Luxury Cover For Foam Mattresses


Purelux Luxury Cover

Purelux luxury cover is made specifically for foam mattresses. This super soft cover for your memory foam and reflex foam mattresses is an ideal replacement item. The cover is zipped on one side for easy removal for washing purposes.

Purelux covers are made from the most advanced materials available; these covers are both functional and pure comfort to sleep on. These covers can be used with or without bed sheets, without the bed sheet these covers have a soft comfortable finish to allow for pure luxury sleep sensation.

Additionally you can use bed sheets over the mattress cover to compliment your bedroom setting and they will still give a smooth and comfortable sleep sensation.

The Purelux luxury cover will give optimum performance, allowing you to keep the material equally balanced throughout the spread of the mattress.

Our covers are made from top quality Belgium and German fabric and are some of the most durable covers on the market, if looked after properly they will last for years.

All our covers are made in the UK to fire and safety standards, so you can rest assured that you are buying a certified item.

For a better night’s sleep, it’s time to replace your standard cover with this pure comfort Purelux cover!


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