What is Mattress Firmness

Find the best firmness level for you

Today, buying a mattress is not a simple task, there are so many different variations, shapes, makes, spring mattress, foam mattresses, toppers etc.

There is also something called, mattress firmness. But what exactly is mattress firmness mean??? Well, the simple answer to this is that, when lying down, your spine should be correctly aligned orthopedically.

Achieving this depends on a number of factors, you must decide on what is suitable for your individual needs It is important that the mattress is not too soft and not too hard. This is where the mattress firmness comes in, If you choose the wrong degree of firmness it can lead to long-lasting damage to the spine, unnecessary tension and back discomfort.

If the mattress is too soft, it may give little support to the spine and the entire body will then sag. This then leads to constant back problems. In this case, a different mattress with a higher degree of firmness should be selected.

If the mattress is too hard, it may mean that your skin is being pressed too hard and not enough blood circulation is allowed to flow. This causes sleepy arms or legs. At night, your body must recover and regenerate, so it is very important to make sure your body has proper circulation. If you notice that your mattress is too hard you should look into sleeping on a softer mattress

There is also an added complication here, every manufacturer quantifies their mattress firmness in a different way, thereby confusing the matter even further. Depending on the mattress manufacturer, however, these details may vary. As there are no fixed rules on how to specify the degree of firmness, manufacturers are free to decide on these designations. Some manufacturers use, for example, designations such as “F1”, “soft”, “medium” etc.

So how do you define the levels of firmness, well the best way is to do this is read the description and then compare it to your own needs by taking your sleep needs, your weight, your build and most of all your current level of physical condition. Our needs change over time and it may be time you re-considered your sleeping requirements.

Generally, there are 5 levels of different types of mattresses firmness

Hardness 1: (soft) Mattresses with the hardness H1 are very rare, as this degree of hardness is only suitable for adults up to 60 kg. These are usually custom-made.

Hardness 2: (Medium soft) People weighing between 60 and 80 Kg should choose this degree of hardness.

Hardness 3: (Medium Firm) Mattresses with a hardness of H3 are most frequently bought. The upper limit of such a mattress is 110 Kg.

Hardness 4: (Firm) A mattress with hardness H4 has an upper limit of 140 Kg and is described as very firm.

Hardness 5: (Orthopaedic) The hardness degree H5 is one of the rarest degrees of hardness with the hardness H1. They are also usually made of special products for people weighing over 140 kg.

At Bedplaza we try and provide you with best possible advise we can in our description in relation to the firmness of the mattress you are buying, however this is only a best guess based on our research and industry information. We advise all our customers to decide on the correct mattress by first checking the information in this article with their own individual needs.  


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